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VUU President Dr. Hakim Lucas and The Richmond Continentals


Chartered in 1976, the Richmond Chapter of Continental Societies, Inc., was one of the original sponsors of the “For Kid’s Sake” Program on WTVR-6. The chapter’s focus remains assisting young people with special needs. Continental Societies, Inc., a public service organization, dedicated to socioeconomic and cultural welfare of underprivileged children and youth, was organized in 1956 and incorporated nationally in 1972. It embraces 48 Chapters in 20 states, the District of Columbia and Bermuda with a total membership of approximately 900.  Programs include new winter coats for hundreds of needy school children; dental screenings sponsored by Continental’s National Sponsor, Colgate-Palmolive; “Annual Easter Baskets for Children” – a project at VCU Medical Center (for youth with cancer and asthma); camperships for inner city youngsters; educational scholarships for college bound youth; cultural ventures; workshops on preparing for college. 

Superintendent Jason Kamras, Cheryl Burke, Betsy Carr and The Richmond Continentals


Continental Societies, Inc., is an international public service organization dedicated to the socioeconomic and cultural welfare of underprivileged children and youth.  The organization, founded in June 1956 and incorporated nationally in 1972, embraces 46 chapters in 21 states, Washington, DC, and Bermuda and continues to grow.


Dana Y. Briggs Richmond Continentals African American Read-In


Through the five-point programmatic thrust, HEER plus Arts and Humanities (Health, Education, Employment, Recreation and Arts and Humanities) Continental women strive to adhere to the humanitarian precept of sharing with those in need.  Each component of the programmatic thrust was chosen because of its significance in fostering wholeness in the lives of young people in the various communities that we serve.


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